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Review of 'Winter Games'

Rating:3 User: YOR

Remember playing this years ago and it was a bit boring for my taste, and playing it now only confirmed that theory. There's seven events in all, Hot Dog, Biathlon, Speed Skating, Figure Skating. Ski Jump, Free Skating and Bobsled. Hot Dog is great fun and easily the best event in the whole game, which was probably why it was the first event, Biathlon on the other hand is painfully long and loses its appeal very quickly. Speed Skating is confusing at first because it's rhythmic timing rather than a button masher, which is realistic, but at the start you're usually scrambling to figure out the right timing which can cost you precious seconds but once you're used to it it's relatively straightforward. Figure Skating is clumsy and frustrating as you're looking to do certain tricks but end up doing either the same one all the time or just fall over, then Ski Jump is a little awkward as you have to press fire before the jump and during the jump as he's about to take off, controlling the ski jumper in the air was a bit fiddly for my taste. Free Skating is identical to Figure except it's a different tune and it gives you an extra minute of pain to deal with and Bobsled was difficult at first but once I realised when I did wrong I was able to coast through it without any problems. So of the seven games here only three of them I got on with and only one of them I enjoyed outright. I do feel this is more playable than the Summer Games offerings but not by much.