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Review of 'Postman Pat 2'

Rating:4 User: YOR

Surely this can't be worse than the first game, and having the same music isn't a good start. Here Pat has to wonder around and post letters to houses, like what a postman does, already it's a million times better. In an easy game you have 20 letters to post and on hard you have 50 and Pat must post them all before his tea-o-meter runs out. For this to go up you have to do different side quests as well, such as getting a ladder to help Jess who's stuck up a tree or getting a torch of the vicar. Occasionally there can be broken when you find them so you need to find Ted so he can fix it.They are mostly optional in easy as you can post 20 letters without doing any if you're quick, but they are necessary on hard. There is also the chance to take a ride on Sam's van and you also need to avoid the chickens who will take your letter away and you must retrieve it before you can post another one. There is much more to do here and is very favourable to Postman Pat. Quite a nice offering and a huge improvement on the original.