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Review of 'Postman Pat'

Rating:1 User: YOR

The first of Alternative Software's Postman Pat trilogy, and this couldn't have started on a worse note. Apparently, Pat has drive his van to deliver things to different people, which sounds just how a Postman Pat game should be played, but you do so on the world's slowest and rockiest van. It's like the van is driving on four flat tyres with the way it's rocking so much as it moves. You have one hour to complete your tasks, it might actually take you one hour to do one task let alone all of them. Oh and good luck trying to find who you are meant to be looking for, because you will most likely get lost, get stuck or end up back to where you began. And that was the EASY game, I'd hate to play this in difficult mode now, but thankfully I'm not going to. I can't believe I'm saying this, but it's even worse than the Trail Game.