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Review of 'Time Quest'

Rating:4 User: Morkin

Quite a pleasant homebrew style Quill'd adventure. In Eureka/Lords of Time style, you visit different time periods (3) in an attempt to save the world from a loon with a load of weapons.

Graphics are done with the Speccy's character set (rather than graphics), and are fairly basic, but help to break up the text a bit.

I'm generally crap at adventures but this one seemed quite easy. The puzzles are quite logical and there are generally no annoyances (apart from the odd spelling error).

The author has taken a bit of care to include clues and responses to the player's input (such as decent EXAMine responses), and where the player has died hints are often provided on how to avoid it next time.

I was going to give it 3/5 but I decided to boost it up to 4/5, because it's one of the better Quill products I've played.