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Review of 'W*H*B'

Rating:5 User: geckojsc

W*H*B is a game where you have to roll a 1x2 cuboid around on a grid of blocks, and your objective is to get it to stand upright on the marked block. There are special objects such as teleporting blocks (which warp you to a different location) and crumbling blocks (which you can only stand on once).

The graphics are pretty good. The cuboid rolls very smoothly, making it look really 3D. There's some nice music at the start of the game, and a little jingle at the start of each level (I sort of wish there was a little bit of background music whilest you are playing). The controls are completely customisable, so you can play the game however you like.

I'm terrible at games like this, and tend to solve them through trial and error rather than actually thinking. I'd say that although I personally don't like it that much, W*H*B is a very good and polished game! Well done to its creators.