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Review of 'Merlin'

Rating:1 User: dm_boozefreek

I remember seeing this game years and years ago. I don't think I ever actually bought it, because the alarm bells kind of went off when I looked at the back of the box a bit.

But this game looks absolutely amazing...…..On the back of the box!

Fast forward a few years later and I actually play this travesty, it's complete bollocks, there's absolutely no other way to describe this awful, awful, mess. Shambling, bumbling colour clashing misfit hobbles around onscreen, as you attempt to avoid tiny enemies, that in the real world you could simply ignore.

You'd think as well from how crap it actually is, and how badly received it was the author would've learned his lesson, and not had the sheer nerve to reskin this unplayable spunk stain 2 more times!

£1.99 was still a rip off for this, I wouldn't have gave them 25p!