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Review of 'Championship 6-a-side Soccer'

Rating:1 User: The Dean of Games

Review prologue:
After reading user YOR review, I decided to have a look at this game.
So my review is as follows:

Review part 1:
After the initial menu, which by the way is nicely presented, and after having selected my team, a screen mentioning the team groups is being drawn. A message with the words "Please Wait!" is visible. 10 minutes have passed, and I'm still waiting for the Group Draw screen to move forward, I see the letters "Please Wait!" changing colors so the game has not blocked.
(11 minutes now)...

As I can't continue this review, I'll be back whenever the game decides to move along, meanwhile 12 minutes and counting.

Review part 2:
Here I am again after waiting for more than 15 minutes for the Group Draw screen to move forward (I lost count so probably more).
This alone is more than a reason for a game to be rejected by a publisher, but hey my browser is slow so maybe it's my software fault.
After this a new screen appears with 3 options "Next, Back, Continue", I pressed the option "Next", nothing happened, pressed it again, nothing, and again, nothing, then I pressed Back and Continue... nothing. I enabled the Caps Lock, pressed the "Next" option again and... ok, here we go. Not enabling the capital and lowercase letters to be both used is usually a programming rookie mistake and although annoying is forgivable. So, moving along...
After a couple of screens, the option to watch the game appeared. At that moment I looked at my watch, it marked 5pm exactly and I pressed Yes to watch the match.
Match Begins, and I may say the screen is dissapointing, not that it matters much in a managenment game, it matters but it's secondary. I started reading the game comments which although basic provide an idea of what is happening, passing , shooting, defence, etc, it's all commented and you get a small basic map of the field to give you an idea of where the ball is at. Now I look at the time again and it's 5:05pm, and the total match playing time is now in 8 minutes! 8 minutes! Which means I'll have to wait approx. 30 minutes for the end of the game. And judging by the slowness of this game, it may take a lot more...
Edit: my watch now marks 5:10pm and total match play is 11 minutes. Oh my.
(In my head I'm listening to the Clash's song "Should I Stay or Should I Go?").

Review part 3:
(will it ever be written?)