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Review of 'Egghead to the Rescue'

Rating:2 User: YOR

So here we go, Egghead 2. Because of my hatred for Egghead I have purposely avoided all the sequels up to now, so my one hope is the series gets better over time. (loads game and hears opening music) Oh wait a second I have played this. This seems like a more professional job and the jumping issue I had in Egghead where he can't jump forward whilst static is sorted, but the game seems even more of a pain than the first. Of course falling from a great height is harmful, that's fine, but even from straightforward heights he'll lose a life, because it's an egg innit? It seems like a better game but than it's more fussy with deaths, also that music is giving me a headache and so is that sound that plays when you switch levels. Two games down and my patience is wearing thin already.