Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Saboteur!'

Rating:5 User: Juan F. Ramirez

One of the Spectrum greats by Clive Townsend for Durell, considered the first 'infiltration' game in videogame history.

The main character is a trendy one back in the 80s, a ninja, often used in films and videogames, that must steal a disk with secret information from a security building disguised as a warehouse avoiding guards and fierce dogs and escape in a helicopter on the roof.

There are ten difficulty levels you can choose, varying amount of enemies and ways to escape, what is like facing ten different ways to complete the mission.

The game starts when you entering the building from the sea in a rubber dinghy, a true cinematic touch. As I said before, you must avoid dogs, guards, and ceiling-mounted anti-personnel weapons in your way to the disk, using computer terminals to unlock some doors, all in a limited time. Saboteur has also a very cool feature, two underground trains to get around the building.

Another original feature is the 'blood counter', it decreases whenever any enemy hurts you and you die when it reaches zero, ending the game, but you can have 'a rest' and in some seconds' time the level restores.

All is good in this game, except the inlay, that is not at the level of this Spectrum classic.