Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Ant Attack'

Rating:5 User: Sard

One of the first real pieces of eye candy on the Spectrum as well as quite a good playable game into the bargain.
I bought this game (with Barmy Burgers) on the day I acquired my new Spectrum, and can remember to this day simply mouthing the words "Wow" once it started.

The "Softsolid" engine used here made for pretty much the earliest true isometric game on the ZX (and arguably ANY system for that matter). As it stood, the ability to change the viewpoint to any of four directions, was something largely never copied by other software companies, who later expanded upon the isometric genre.

The game itself is well up to scratch. Running around the city, climbing, jumping and blowing up ants can be rather fun. The game is well paced with each level taking both a little more thought and time than the previous, as the locations you need to access become more and more difficult to get to. The only real flaw with the gameplay, is that perhaps it is infact rather too easy, and with only 10 levels to complete not likely to provide a huge challenge for long.
The control keys also had a reputation somehow of being rather awkwardly positioned, but I myself never found them a problem, and like many other games, simply took getting used to.

This game is ZX history. Sandy White did something quite ahead of it's time with this game, and it therefore deserves its classic status.