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Review of 'Gilligan's Gold'

Rating:2 User: YOR

This like Pogo was written by Ronald Rhodes. It was released one year after Pogo in 1984 and was the second and final game he wrote for Ocean. This is a another arcade clone, this time of Bagman which already presents a problem, because Q*Bert I'm familiar with, Bagman not so. For one the keyboard layout is just as bad, P for up and ENTER for down, which in today's keyboards is BESIDE P rather than below, but strangely I never had a problem with the layout this time unlike Pogo so fair enough. What I did have a problem with though is everything else. To call this inferior to Pogo is the understatement of the year. The pretty graphics, gone. The quality gameplay, gone. The responsive keys, gone. In its place is an ugly, poorly designed, unresponsive mess. Your character only seems to pick up the money when he wants to leaving you to frantically press the button in hope that he does this and by the time you do the enemy has hit you. How can it be that you can write two games that are polar opposites of each other within a year?