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Review of 'Pogo'

Rating:3 User: YOR

I have to say, for a Q*Bert clone this is among the best I've ever seen. As The Dean put it, it's hard to believe that this was released in 1983 because it is leaps and bounds ahead of most other games released that year and feels way ahead of its time. It looks superb, it's brilliantly programmed and it's incredibly responsive. The keyboard layout however is dreadful. You have to use 1 and 0 for top left and top right, which is fair enough, but then you have to use caps shift for bottom left and break for bottom right which happens to be mapped to the space key and it really doesn't food on your fingers when you use these keys. I often found myself being confused with the controls as a result of this and pressing the wrong key to send him the wrong way or the wrong key which doesn't move him at all. I can't help but think I'd enjoy this more if I had played this in 1983, which i didn't because I never bought this game. It's a shame because it looks like a fantastic clone and certainly favourable to the arcade game itself, but if only it had a better keyboard layout. Yes I know I could play it with the joystick, but I don't have a joypad anymore strangle none of those options worked when I tried mapping them to the keyboard, so I was stuck with the shoddy keyboard layout. Come to think of it though, as i was using the keyboard for my joystick controls it probably would have been even worse anyway.