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Review of 'Drive-In, The'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

Another maze game from 1984. The object of this game is to help the hero Dezzy to escape, by reassembling
an old spaceship, parts of which are scattered around the maze (like in Fantastic Voyage). The spaceship must be assembled in the correct order in room 189.
While moving around rooms you will need to replenish energy reserves, to do so dock on a garage and wait until the deposit is full. You will also find time machines, banks and trade shops. You must take advantage of these. A large array of different objects are at the hero's disposal, all of which have their use. Use keys 1 to 4 to pick up and drop objects.
You also must obey traffic rules, namely traffic lights positined on the doors.
A fun average maze, shoot-em-up game.