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Review of 'Ready Steady Go'

Rating:1 User: The Dean of Games

1988 Alternative Software (UK)

One of the worst games ever, hard to believe it was released in 1988. What were you thinking, guys?

Its a track and field game, including track hurdling (more like track hurting), canoeing, 3D cycling (yes, 3D!) and penalty saving.
Sound nice doesnt it? Well it is not as you may guess just by looking at the game screen. That will give a hint of the actual game overall.
Not only it's an ugly game to look at it also plays bad. And I mean bad! Some events are worse than others, but none is redeeming, so if you are like me a curious retro gaming kind of guy, you will like it while you are exploring it, otherwise just move along and dont bother with it.