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Review of 'Battle Ships'

Rating:3 User: The Dean of Games

I remember advertisements for this game, they looked pretty good, I didn't even guess it was just a Battle Ships game, I though this was a sort of Beach Head war game.
Well to be fair this a special version of the classic paper game, because it's inspired in the electronic versions. You basically get exactly the same as in the traditional game, each player has a fleet of six ships, all in varying sizes, placed at ease in a 20x20 map.
Then it's up to each player to guess by trial and error the position of enemy ships.
The game is very well decorated, with a nice presentation and good sound. Every time you fire a shot the screen is switched to a graphical representation of a battle scene, this is what I first saw in the advertising posters and looks really good. Not necessary but great to look at.
You can play against the computer or against a friend, the computer is really easy to beat, it feels like a 5 year old playing, and without any skill levels it will became too easy to be addictive. So call a friend first. A nice family game conversion.