Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Knight Lore'

Rating:5 User: Juan F. Ramirez

An iconic 8-bit game, a masterpiece by Ultimate that popularised the isometric view in a game (it was not the first, but the first great one) that they called it 'Filmation', used again in Alien 8 and improved later in Nightshade and Gunfright, technically good games but with much less popularity, starting the decline of the company in the Spectrum market.

Knight Lore is the third adventure of Sabreman, the intrepid explorer that survived the infested jungle in Sabre Wulf and the underground hell in Underwurlde. Now, in the Knight Lore castle, he's victim of the curse of lycanthropy and the only way to rid yourself of it is find 6 objects that the cauldron of Melkhior, the old dying wizard, will show you, one by one. You'll have to find each object and place in the cauldron. Once all the object has been in it, the remedy will be made and Sabreman recover from the curse of the werewolf.

The castle consists of tens of rooms and dungeons, and crossing each one is a challenge itself: traps, gargoyles, stairways, doorways, portcullis, monsters, ball chains, impalers, ...

An original feature of the game is that in a cyclical way, Sabreman will became wolf and human. In many rooms, when becaming wolf, he'll have to avoid a myst that will push him over a trap or expel from the room.

Brilliant game with, as usual in the Sabreman saga, nice intro music. Good graphics and excellent movement in a true atmospheric game, one of the great, unforgettable Spectrum classics.