Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Sabre Wulf'

Rating:5 User: Juan F. Ramirez

One of the Spectrum classics, a true masterpiece by Ultimate.

The first adventure of one of the most iconic Spectrum characters, Sabreman, an intrepid explorer in a giant maze, a jungle infested with wild animals (tarantulas, gorillas, scorpions, …) and dangerous natives where he must search the four pieces of a medallion.

You'll come across some orchids, depending of their colour they will help you... or not. Some animals can be killed but others not, just try to avoid them, specially the wolf that prowls the southern jungle.

Superb (and hard) game with frenetic action, colourful graphics and cool sound effects that made you immerse in an unique arcade atmosphere. Unforgettable intro music.