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Review of 'Fast 'n' Furious'

Rating:4 User: YOR

Before the movie and its 50 million sequels there was this. I have only loaded up the game for 32 seconds and already I am regretting it! Why are there birds cheeping at the title screen? I thought this was a car racing game not a bird watching simulator. But as it turns out it's not a racing game either, it's a shooter. You have to drive your cars and avoid various obstacles whilst shooting enemies when they appear on screen. I have to say they weren't kidding calling this fast because this is really fast! Probably too fast! And as result it's a tad unplayable in parts, but they said it was “fast” and “furious”, and it is so what did you expect? It also looks nice as well, some nice use of colour here which makes it truly stand out. It is shame this was not released on its own because this could have been well received I feel if released in a budget price. It looks nice, plays as fast it's advertised and it will most likely leave you feeling furious as well. Plus, it was more fun than watching any of the Fast and Furious movies, so as far as I'm concerned, result.