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Review of 'Spider 'n Fly'

Rating:2 User: YOR

Good to see dm_boozefreek with a flurry of reviews. Nice to see some life on this site.

So, onto review number 1001 and I've kept things nice and simple with a BASIC game involving a spider, well it doesn't look much like a spider really, more like an ant. There isn't much you can say about Spider 'n Fly really, you simply have to move your spider, or whatever it's supposed to be, to eat as many flies as you can in 99 seconds. You can only move up or down and you can't do anything else like shoot. It's a game you'll most likely play once and then never play again because you've seen all it has to offer in about 10 seconds. A typical game to put in a book of BASIC games really, nothing more than that.