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Review of 'Smash TV'

Rating:2 User: dm_boozefreek

I wish I could believe the hype! I wish I could be sympathetic to the effort that did go into this game.

But no! It was never going to work, and making it fixed directional shooting, and cutting the amount of enemies down, and doing 8x8 masked character jumpy bollocks.

It's a different bloody game altogether, sorry, but no!

Home computer versions of this were never going to work. Either it'd be 8 keys 4 for movement, and 4 for the gun, which surely would've brought on early arthritis, or using both player 1, and player 2's joystick ports for 1 player.

Both considerably more impractical than 2 dedicated joysticks, or a controller with a D-Pad, and 6 buttons. Or later on for re-releases a controller with 2 analogue sticks.