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Review of 'Dynasty Wars'

Rating:2 User: dm_boozefreek

I remember this arcade conversion being quite highly acclaimed around about the time of it's release.

But quite frankly I have no idea why? I'll be honest the conversion for all it's Poorly colour schemed monochrome clutter, is basically a semi decent conversion. Sadly the subject material was average at best, the arcade itself was a bit crap, and I understand the feudal aspect, many enemies coming! This is War! Let's ride into battle on a horse and cut down loads of the bastards! A classic case of nice idea, but shit execution.

I'm feeling like if Capcom had've made the first game in the series like it's sequel Tenchi o Kurau II/Warriors of Fate it may have been a much better game, however by 1990 if this had've been the case, the Speccy version may have ended up being a sluggish shitfest like Final Fight ended up being. The smaller sprites, and general shoddiness of the arcade itself gave the Speccy a fighting chance at doing a decent version.

Converting the sequel to the Speccy would have been way unrealistic, as even though it's a 1991 Capcom CPS Changer game it pretty much pushed that system to the point where you'd think it was a CPS2 game.

Quite frankly it would never have happened on the Speccy, and let's face it, sadly it's probably just as well. Dynasty Warriors though, as it stands is a decent conversion, of an average arcade, but when the original game is shit, how can I give the Speccy higher marks?

No sympathy vote here I'm afraid!