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Review of 'Skate Crazy'

Rating:2 User: DanielBzD

This is actually two games. In the first one, you go around a skating course performing stunts and dodging stuff. I saw this video on youtube, in which the guy was going and turning and skating backwards, and all very fluidly, and I was like maaaan, this is Tony Hawk's on the Speccy! Trying to pull those stunts is a bit hard, but addictive, and I got good enough at it to get to level 2. But then there was a whole lot of dodging stuff, and it was very annoying. So the annoying part didn't let me enjoy the rest, I guess. But if dodging stuff is your jam, give this one a go.

Now, the second game is an uninspired platformer. I didn't even feel like trying it a second time.