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Review of 'World Cup'

Rating:2 User: The Dean of Games

Eight years after the innovative Football Manager, and people still wrote clones even worst than the 1982 classic.
Graphically I think the players are a bad choice, they look too similar to the players in Football Manager. which makes them terribly outdated for 1990 or any year, for that matter.

Also, there isn't almost anything to do, besides editing squads using the same players over and over, which by the way, doesn't affect in any way the teams performance. And then you are left with watching the match highlights like in Football Manager, but viewed in a different angle. Some say these are a bit useless, repetitive and time wasting, and when they are too simple I must agree, after all the next big soccer management game (Football Director) didn't have any action scenes and revolutionized the genre, with the many new features it had.
To be honest, in it's basic simplicity World Cup is not all that bad, it just feels an unfinished product or a demo game.

Written by Stephen Corry in 1990