Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Centi'

Rating:4 User: YOR

It’s a Centipede game and in actual fact it’s one of the better ones. You can play in different speeds though fast is frankly impossible, but for the most part the speed is good even on slow. I actually forgot that this was a type-in game while I was playing it in which you can tell it is as the centipede is mostly made of letters reading Acorn Atari and you control a ZX, but it plays really well for a game of this nature. I have played far worse Centipede games and far worse type-in games compared to this and this feels like a breath a fresh air in those categories. If this was my first Centipede game and my first type-in game I would’ve given this a 3, but because I have played many others and the majority of them have been bad I just have to reward this game for being good fun by giving it a 4.