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Review of 'Rat, The'

Rating:2 User: The Dean of Games

198? Scorpion Software (UK)
by Stuart Campbell and Simon Reid

A strategy management game where you play the suitable role of a rat in the software industry.

Although better similar games were made, the Rat features some nice humour touches, making me feel that it's more of a parody than an actual game.
The game also has many bugs, for instance, when you type any game's name in the 'specific game search', it gives you the message '2 variable not found 2653:1'. It's an easy go around issue, but still annoying.

Nevertheless the idea is there and for a BASIC program both graphics and sound do their job nicely, although I feel the execution is quite amateurish and lazy which spoils what could have been an interesting game.

Note: It's mentions games such Tantulus , Sweevos World and Quazatron all from 1986, so this game can't be from 1984.