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Review of 'Invaders'

Rating:2 User: YOR

Raphie stated in his review that Invaders was similar to Space Intruders, which I reviewed back in January, and described it as a "clone of a clone". Having played the two games back to back just now I can honestly say that while this is not a carbon copy of Space Intruders he does have a point. The enemies are slightly bigger and the UFO is different but the main similarity here is the weapon is pretty much the same as Space Intruders, just a different colour. Also, it's slower than Space Intruders, as well as that it's less fun. It's not a theft job as the weapon appears to be the only main difference, but it was obviously inspired to look and play the same as Space Intruders and it frankly fails on almost all accounts. It looks a bit nicer but it sounds worse and crucially it plays worse. So without question of the two Space Intruders is by far the better game.