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Review of 'Steel Jeeg'

Rating:2 User: YOR

And from 2018 I present Steel Jeeg, a game based on a 70's Japanese anime that was and still is hugely popular in Italy, which will be why an Italian wrote a game based on this series. It looks pretty and reminds me of Berserk, but the gameplay is ultimately flawed. At first I couldn't understand how the default weapon doesn't even fire and none of the other weapons hurt the enemies at all, but reading the instructions told me that the red enemies are only defeated by the Magnet Power, your default weapon, and you have to go near it to use it on him and defeat him. The other enemies are defeated using the various weapons you have and you have to determine which weapon works best for the different enemies. Nice idea but the problem is that by the time you've figured out the best weapon to use on a particular enemy you've lost half your energy. I reckon if you just avoid the enemies altogether and know your way round to the bazooka, to the levers and to the Queen, it might be a quick completion, but it certainly isn't an easy one because of it's flawed gameplay. I was immensely disappointed with this game.