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Review of 'Wipeout'

Rating:1 User: YOR

It's our old friend Stuart Campbell of Nuclear City Bomber and Videodrome infamy and this time it's a snake game. You know how this works, you control a snake and your snake must eat things throughout the level, though doing so increases the size of your snake making it easier to either block your path or directly hit your snake. So what could go wrong here then? Well the answer is pretty simple, it's not snake. Remember when I said that your snake increases in size as you eat more things? Well this snake increases in size when you move regardless of what you eat or if you eat anything. And guess what? Your tail remains static and doesn't even move with your snake, making it very easy to block you path or hit your snake and making this clone entirely useless. And its keys are unresponsive too which again makes it easy to hit your snake. And at the beginning the game asks if you want sound, this "sound" is actually the game's "music" which I have no idea it it's supposed to be and actually slows the game down! If you choose no you still get sound when you complete a level or lose a life but you don't get any "music" and noticeably the game is faster, but while it's faster it's still or in this case even more unresponsive. So Stuart Campbell's Wipeout is true to Stuart Campbell form, and when I say true to form I mean it's rubbish. In the very least though at least it's a game unlike Nuclear City Bomber and Videodrome which weren't games, but still, it's pretty rubbish.