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Review of 'Mr. Freeze'

Rating:3 User: R-Tape

Mr Freeze.
Firebird 1984

You’ve put it off for long enough, it’s time to defrost the freezer. You don your protective gear and rue the day you bought the thing. It was an easy mistake to make, go to Currys, choose a model and instead of listening to the after sale options you found your attention diverted by a ripe pustule on the shop assistant’s forehead. As a result the cold store you cram into the car boot comes replete with armed sentries, a motion sensitive death ray and marauding grapefruit. Still, at least it came with a flame thrower.

Single screen platformer, avoid the nasties, touch the de-ice button on each of 6 screens.

Mr Freeze has a nice smooth sprite that is well animated, assuming the limp is intentional, the sounds are simple but adequate and the graphics are average for 1984. One annoyance is the fact the sprite is coloured BRIGHT while the background is not, giving a beaming blue box around the player. Maybe it didn’t show up so badly on CRTs, or it’s meant to be his warm aura. The game mechanics can be frustrating, poor key response and sometimes unfair collision especially, but I’m happy to consider the quirky jump as one of the game’s rules that you just need to learn. Who wants every platform game to have the same perfect jump arc? Not me.

A lot of thought has gone into the level design, largely based around outsmarting the death ray that homes in on you when you use a ladder. Deciding which ladder to climb first, or pretend to climb, adds a bit of a puzzle to the action.

The intentional features and unintentional quirks of Mr Freeze make it very challenging, actually I’ll say HARD, but at 6 screens long completion always feels within reach. De-icing just one screen feels like a big achievement, so the game is not without its rewards. At the time of writing I can de-ice 2, nearly 3 screens. It’s very addictive, almost there…

Rating: Porridge with some lumps, but you’re very hungry. 3/5.