Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Super Cup Football'

Rating:1 User: YOR

This too came out on Hewson's 4th Dimension compilation and never on its own, and I can see why. As Raphie's review stated the game had the tendency to crash but I figured that it was a problem with the Z80 snapshot, so I made a new one directly from the 4th Dimension compilation and it never crashed so that is that sorted. However, it's still worth noting that even after this the gameplay is highly broken. The players constantly clash and flicker and bounce off each other like pinballs, the colours are glitched in that you can choose to play as yellow vs red yet you play in blue instead of red, the goalkeepers are just outfield players and they never actually dive to save the ball, you can't tackle, directly aiming for goal from a throw-in is the only way throw-ins are effective, there is a lot wrong with this game, even the goalnets look like something out of an Etch A Sketch. This is easily one of the very worst football games I've ever played.