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Review of 'Space Escape'

Rating:4 User: R-Tape

Space Escape by Aleisha Beesher.

If you're growing tired of flip screen space adventures, and I am not, then you'd do well to try this impressive first AGD outing by Aleisha Beesha.

You, the space suited protagonist, have been abducted by an alien squadron while on a quite routine scouting mission. We never get the aliens side of things do we? Perhaps this 'scouting', as we're pleased to call it, is unlicensed trespass and nosey parkering.

Either way you've been abducted and you need to find your laser, launch key and fuel for your escape. Some pathways are impassable until you get the laser, giving the game a puzzle element. Graphics are decent enough, the map is varied and fun to explore (and has the odd easter egg), more so with the teleporters.

The difficulty level is mostly spot on, though a couple of screens spoil it by spawning too many aliens in a cramped space resulting in a rapid loss of all lives. It's doable, but a questionable feature if you want the modern leg jiggling player to persevere.

A great game and very impressive first attempt by not only a newcomer to AGD, but to the Spectrum.

If released BITD we'd be speaking of it now, and more fondly than Project Future.

Rating: Everyday nourishing porridge with a spoon of syrup. (~7/10)

Tags: AGD, flip screen, space, platformer