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Review of 'Poder Oscuro, El'

Rating:3 User: YOR

This is an interesting one. You have three characters to control throughout the game. By default you control X-R-2 which appears to be a giant robotic zombie, then you have John who is a tiny man with a gun almost straight out of those toy soldier packs we got when we were kids, and then there's Nave, a flying device. The problem I had was determining which player was suited for the situation I was in and where exactly to go. I quickly determined going down the pit with the robot wasn't good and felt John would go instead but I ended up going down another pit and couldn't get out, then Nave was able to go up and back to where I came from but he couldn't fit the gaps to get through and so I was stuck. Then on another playthrough I avoided the pit altogether and flew over it with Nave and continued till a dead-end, then switched to John and continued on and went so far that the other players were rendered useless. There's far too many things shooting at you at once and it's hard to keep up with them and it won't take long to determine that the robot is so huge he's practically an easy target, so eventually it won't take long for you to "succumb to The Dark Power", The Dark Power being what El Poder Oscuro translates to in English by the way. It has an amusing concept to say the least but I don't it's executed well enough to make this an enjoyable game in the long run.