Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Skate Crazy'

Rating:4 User: WhenIWasCruel

by Tim Miller, Tony R. Porter, Kevin Bulmer, Jon Harrison, Ben Daglish

In this game you must peform skating stunts in a disused multi-story car park, following a specific route, and once finished a jury will vote your performance, determining the end of the game or your succeeding to the next level. Although, if you pass the votation, there's another possibility: you can load a section with different graphics and gameplay, where you must skate over obstacles trying to reach the other end of the itinerary. Then you can go on to the next level of this section, or go back to the car park and face a new challenge there. Each section has 4 levels. The car park part is in a monochrome but fluidly scrolling, well drawn and animated sorf of 3d display, while the other is shown in a colourful side view. It's pretty good, although personally I'm not very skilled at doing the stunts. I usually just press randomly the directional keys while jumping, hoping that something good happen. But I'm certain that there's a more rational and graceful way to play.