Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'European Champions'

Rating:1 User: YOR

I am back. I have been sick the past week but I'm getting better day by day and I managed to go back to work today.

Back to business now and this is another football manager game and one with one of the longest loading waits I have ever dealt with, and people complain about loading times in modern games. Annoyingly the squad is the England team which I think I mentioned before in another review of a separate game and so this looks good if you choose to play as Czechoslovakia, although you can alter the names anyway but can you really be arsed finding 22 Czech names to play with? Also, went I went to the program screen I pressed N for no for arranging a friendly and yet it done it anyway! So now I have a friendly against Northern Ireland against my wishes. Then when I select my team it asks me if it's my final team and when I said yes it tells me to drop a player anyway as if I pressed no, and it did this for subs as well. So it seems you have to tell it twice in order to do something right. And the game itself is, well lacking, but then it's a football manager so what did you expect? But there is almost no sound and it's slow paced even when you set its game speed to 10 which is supposed to be the fastest, and the match itself is a drag and boring experience, against Austria we had one shot in 31 minutes. The match screen gives you some sort of commentary at the bottom, like Austria possession, tackle, far too high for a shot that's missed, but the way the game is you will easily lose track of it out of boredom anyway. And after losing 2-0 to Austria enough was enough, this is dire and possibly one of the most boring and pitiful football management games I've ever played, with its long loading times and broken commands. This is a 1988 game that looks and feels identical to one played in 1985 and it makes me want to never play another football manager game again, that is how bad this is. I prefer being sick than playing tripe like this.