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Review of 'Night Hunter'

Rating:2 User: YOR

Got to say it, but dandyboy is right, Bryan Ferry as Dracula on the loading screen is something that once you see it you can't unsee it. It looked promising with the lovely detailed, though colourless, loading screen and the charming music to go with it, but it's too bad the game itself doesn't match my hopes. It's reminiscent of Ghost Hunters but you seem to just wonder around looking for keys, or at least from what I played anyway, which doesn't appeal to me. I do like that you can change to a bat and wolf, but it doesn't save the game from being a bore. Also when you die you start all over again, which is always annoying. It is a shame that this didn't live up to my hopes. I guess I'll just be better off staring at the loading screen for 10 minutes rather than play this game for 10 minutes.