Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Terry's Travels'

Rating:1 User: YOR

I have chosen to review this game next because it's the only other game Paul Barsby wrote on the Spectrum and it's a Frogger clone and I've covered a number of Frogger clones on the Spectrum on this site and I guess this is another one chalked off from that particular list. Now I wish I hadn't, because in terms of Frogger games on the Spectrum this is up there among the very worst, which is saying something given A'n'F's Frogger is currently the worst I've played. Here the traffic is way too fast on screen one which makes progression past it very difficult, because as well as speed being an issue the gaps are few and far between and also they are small, so the margin for error is tiny. Screen two, which took me forever to reach, is at least slower but you have four rows of traffic to work on, and predictably I failed. Another point of fail is you have to move even when on a log which isn't how Frogger works as the log moves you as you time your jump to the next log, you don't have that here, you have to keep moving to stay on the log which for a Frogger game is wrong and should be classified as illegal. But what makes this game stand out best, for infamy rather than pride, is its speech which is hilariously bad, especially when you kill your tortoise. What is he trying to say when he dies? I reckon he's saying something like "silly driver" which sounds stupid if you drown him and I can't even make out what his second speech is trying to say. This game is just appalling and an absolute unbearable nightmare to play. I think A'n'F's Frogger is still the worst as it was unresponsive and unplayable as a result, but this is among the worst Frogger clones I've played on the Spectrum. And Algray didn't last long by the looks of it with one other game, The Exterminator, which is MIA so no review for that game then. I blame this game for their premature demise.