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Review of 'Techno Cop'

Rating:2 User: dm_boozefreek

Sounds like an awesome game, and it really could have been.....Couldn't it?

Unfortunately Technocop was shite! I did quite like it at the time though, annoyed me the Speccy versions bosses, or "villains" all look exactly the same, and pretty much behave the same. When on the other systems they were all different. I didn't actually notice this til' even after playing the Amiga version at a mates house, cos' even though we could all play the Speccy version we were all shite at the miggy version.

I even went as far as hiring Razorsoft's Megadrive version of it, that was the moment I realised just how crap it actually was. Even with the different "villains" to catch it still played like absolute crap. It dawned on me just how out of date it was when it was released on the home comps roughly 4-6 years before Razorsoft brought it out. The different villains were all really generic as well. Guy with Mohawk and machine gun, girl on jetbike, fat man with flamethrower, and so forth. It added nothing really, which made me realise that the villains not being different on the Speccy actually wasn't that bad.

The graphics are serviceable although dreadfully cartoony on the Speccy, whereas every other version attempted seriousness. Strangely enough though I found the driving section on the Speccy version to be considerably fairer, and more playable than versions released on machines twice as powerful as it. This, and a few nostalgic memories are pretty much all that saves me from giving the game a 1.

Techno-Cop defo wasn't worth £7.99 (or a whopping £12.99 on disk.....Remember this was 1988), even the budget re-release price of £3.99, was a little steep, about £1 too expensive if you ask me. I suppose £2.99, would have been more reasonable, you just may have got your moneys worth at that price.

So not very good at all really, and why on the loading screen does our hero look like an aged Flash Gordon?