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Review of 'Snoball in Hell'

Rating:3 User: Digital Prawn

Breakout clone with a vertical bat moving up and down the left-hand side of the screen. Levels are varied as you keep the ball (or rather snoball) in play whilst making your way towards "hell". Your single-speed "bat" is actually a "snoball battle tractor" which looks like a sort of tank or mobile gun turret. It can fire missiles which are needed to repel advancing waves of various enemy sprites.

Graphics are actually pretty good and colourful and each level has an interesting if blocky design.

The game features the usual power-ups, such as those affecting ball speeds and one that immediately kills you (ta very much). But on seeing the small size of the numerous bricks on the first level and realising the potentially long playing time, you'll really be looking out for the crucial "Go to next sector" bonus.

I kinda like this game as I originally got it from a second-hand shop for about 20p (Atari ST version). But on playing the speccy version, the 8-bit port seems virtually identical. After all, it's an 8-bit game at heart.

The whole playing experience is a bit clunky and for a budget title it almost has a shareware or PD feel about it, although I have fond memories of playing this game and really getting into it for a while.

Overall, worth a look for fans of the Breakout genre as it's a bit of a quirky title, but certainly bettered by Krakout & Arkanoid etc..