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Review of 'Tennis 3D'

Rating:1 User: YOR

Another Tennis game from Load 'n' Run you say? I'm in. Surely this can't be any worse that the previous Tennis game. Well in fact, it is. It's slower and more playable as a result, but like Load 'n' Run Tennis it's pretty much Pong with a Tennis theme. There's no serves, if a point is won play just continues from where the ball left off, there's also no outs, at all, if you hit your ball well wide and well out, you win the point anyway, which can be a very good exploit to use if you plan on winning. Overall both this and Load 'n' Run Tennis are very bad, but this gets the nod on the worst as it states to be Tennis yet doesn't even follow the rules. 2-0 for Load 'n' Run stinkers, I have a feeling this is going to be a recurrence as time goes on.