Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Frog 5'

Rating:2 User: YOR

This currently sits on the Top 100 Worst Games list on WoS and indeed it is a pretty poor game. But truth be told, as a Frogger clone, it isn't really Frogger. It is in that the gameplay is similar but this time you have to get the frog across the road and into a cage at the top of the screen and then go back down and into another cage. Truthfully speaking, I have played worse, the A'n'F version was an abysmal clone that is frankly unplayable, this whilst being a poorly written game is at least to a degree playable, unlike the A'n'F version. So it is a bad game but it is not utter tripe like the A'n'F version was, perhaps I'm being kind, maybe too kind, but this isn't the worst Frogger game I have played on the Spectrum, so therefore I will be gentle with it and say 2 is enough.