Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'WEC Le Mans'

Rating:5 User: WhenIWasCruel

by Sentient Software Ltd (Mike Lamb, John Mullins, Jonathan Dunn, Bill Harbison, Alick Morrall)

Chicken bells, chicken bells. And fusilli with tuna. So, that part was settled. No fear of dying of hunger. Plus fortuituos encounters. And a lunch offered. Then, in the evening, the only one that came by. Sense of responsability, I suppose. Twenty years later, it was Lungs of Death. While somebody was at the Addicts Eve, waiting for a Grace to be granted, at the Gates of a Saint. So, it was a day of going out's and coming back in's, walking over red carpets, among glimmering twinkling spheres, people carring packages, the magic and the frenzy of the preparatory day. Trying to spot a head curled by an imaginary tempest while a mesmerizing arpeggio resounded. Love Comes Tumbling. And then trying to get into the narrow passage, between the competitor and the kerb, risking the set back of a halt. Another kind of hypnosis. And it was like that drunk fever filled with presage e trepidation were in it too. Was it the swerve from a real finish line? Should we really celebrate? Or was it just another kind of illusion, on a different screen? Fastly going nowhere.