Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Skull & Crossbones'

Rating:3 User: YOR

If you're playing this game it's best to download another version rather than the original TZX file because it is broken as hell. It takes forever to start up and actually locks up as if it's crashed, but then it eventually starts the game, at the wrong level. Then after quitting and restarting it played without the One-Eye text or the scoreboard background, just the numbers in front of a plain black background. Then after resetting the emulator and reloading from scratch and starting the game up again it locked up even more and when it finally loaded it told me I had won the crown without doing anything. So then I downloaded the Hit Squad version and it's fine, no issues whatsoever. This plays alright and the music is excellent but there's no way of telling if you are actually doing any damage to the enemies, you know they're hurting you but you don't know for sure if you're hurting them, and that spoiled it for me. This isn't a bad game really as long as you download a working version because as I said the original TZX file is very broken but I reckon the arcade game would be better than this.