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Review of 'Gunstar'

Rating:3 User: dm_boozefreek

Gunstar! Oooooh It's actually not bad!

A decent vertical shooter for just under 2 quid, at the time not bad at all. There's a lot of other games from 1987 that cost a lot more than £1.99, that weren't as good as this. This is a good budget title that surpasses the £1.99 mark. I'd not have been upset if I'd paid £3.99 for it.

The game looks good, sounds OK, has a decent challenge for the player. Of course once you go round it once, you've pretty much seen it all and it becomes a high score challenge basically, there's no ending, round and round you go. This game however is great for a quick go.

You have a lives count, but really, you may as well only have 1 life, as when you die you start again from the first phase. I do very much like the fact that every time you start you get a new pilot, with new stats, but the problem with that is also pointing to the right from the start every time you die.

Defeats the purpose of having lives.

Anyway flaws aside great game, and perfect for a quick go.