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Review of 'Exolon'

Rating:3 User: dm_boozefreek

Exolon...Cecco's gush fest...

You know after all these years I decided this game isn't that great.

Think about it, you walk along and shoot bubbles for about 9 hours, and what is not bubbles, are very generic enemies. Unfair deaths await you at the edge of the screen, and the game is actually pretty fucking slow.

So I'm gonna keep the review short, me and a good friend of mine played through this game from start to finish back in the day, and it's really not that great. You walk along shoot, walk along shoot, teleport, and walk along shoot, and you get a bonus if you don't use the exo-skeleton.

Really that's it, it goes on for hours like this, and lordy forbid you accidentally shoot off one of your rockets, better get ready to reset the game if you do, because if you can't blow up the weird looking thingies you're stuck......OK Excellent game!

3.5/5 as it's slightly above average, and I don't want to get assassinated in my sleep for saying it's crap, but take a good look at it, it's got all the flaws of a bad game, but since it was a Cecco, people seem to think it's amazing, and other than looking nice after all these years I'm not afraid to point out it's terrible flaws.

I used to be in the camp that this was an excellent game, but really it's not at all. It's OK, and it looks nice, but that's about it really.