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Review of 'Cage Match'

Rating:1 User: p13z

I wanted to like this wrestling game, I really did. The cover artwork and screen shots promised "a fast paced intergalactic wrestling match", it was enough to part me with my hard-sponged pocket money at the time.
What I had actually bought was instant disappointment, and one of the worst games I have ever played. I came back to it a few times, thinking that maybe I was missing something, but it never disappointed in disappointing. The game seems to have all the right elements; large, bold graphics, two player combat and crazy alien opponents, its just that it had no playability at all. Whatever moves you do, whatever strategy you think you might try, the outcome of the matches appears to be almost entirely random.
A quick blast again in the emulator (I never learn), confirmed my memories of this game. I considered giving this 2, on the merits of its OK graphics, but then the hate came flooding back :]