Spectrum 2.0

Review of '1994 - Ten Years After'

Rating:2 User: YOR

For the third time I have gone from A-Z and hand-picked one game from each to review and this may be the last time I do this as picking a game from Q, X, Y and Z just gets harder and harder every time. And as usual I start off with a game that begins with a number lol. The main character looks similar to the one on Nifty Lifty but I've gotta say that's a far better game. Here the action is slow and pretty clumsy. I always seem to run into the bird that sends you back to the start and also found my man to jump automatically and continuously at one point, making me think it was a stuck key on my keyboard, but it wasn't, it was actually the game. I was not impressed with 1994 at all.