Spectrum 2.0

Review of 'Out Run'

Rating:4 User: hypostomus

This is a driving game where you race against the clock. It's main difference is that the tracks fork at the end, so you get to choose your route, 15 different tracks in total.
This coin-op conversion got some mixed reviews and was generally considered a considerable letdown when it was released in 1987, so much so that I never played it at the time.
I'm honestly not sure why people were so upset with it, it wasn't as if the Spectrum really could do an arcade game like this justice. Having said that, it does look like the arcade, plays well (dodgy collision detection aside), and isn't anywhere near as slow as I'd been led to expect. I recommend it. The multiload is a pain though, but at least on the 128k it remembers the levels you've been to.