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Review of 'Rapid Fire'

Rating:1 User: YOR

Given the average score on WoS is so low and combined with the two 1 reviews here I anticipated this to be bad but good lord I didn't expect this to be such the turd it turned out to be. Your man is so very, very slow, like if you told him to jog to the shop across the street to get some milk and a newspaper it would take him a week he's that slow. And the enemies are just as bad as they jerk and stutter across the screen. The fire key is unresponsive as well and when you get to shoot the balls later on you do not have enough time to react to them all because you are both slow and unresponsive. This is one badly programmed game and it's no wonder the scores are so low for it. And Chris Jenkins of Sinclair User gave this game 6 out of 10?! Words fail me.