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Review of 'Dun Darach'

Rating:2 User: sometimesblue

For a long time, this was the highest rated game in Crash at 97%.

Looking at it now, the only attraction is the large smoothly scrolling sprites. However this is ultimately only 7 frame animation, and Manic Miner had that.

Playing the rest of the game, there is only an illusion of depth. To travel around the faceless city requires much plodding, and unless there is a map handy then it is very easy to pass by an essential shop because the door is on the other side to the direction you are facing in.

The clues are very, very cryptic. Even with a solution many simple don’t make sense.

Finally the other inhabitants of the city will happily steal items from your inventory and there is no way of getting them back. If it is an essential part of the solution, then that’s time for a reload.

Similar games are Everyones A Wally and Jack The Nipper. Both are much more rewarding, even if the animation isn’t in the same league.