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Review of 'Exolon'

Rating:4 User: winston

Exolon is an arcade shooter. For each screen, you start at the left, and need to fight your way rightwards until you get to the next screen. Your fire button can launch two types of weapon - a normal gun and a grenade (or at least, an RPG). The gun is to shoot the general nasties that are trying to finish you off, and the grenades are for destroying things that are in your way.

The nasties you come across are quite varied, from the stationary (like mines) to the captured (the small jittery balls captured in the globes you occasionally need to blow up to complete a level), to the downright nasty (the high speed missiles you can't shoot and the planes that speed right up before going for you). There are also some traps, like big rams that suddenly come up from the ground...and kill you. There are also teleporters to help you get around levels.

The game itself is technically excellent - large numbers of sprites, some of which move at high speed, spectacular grenade explosions, and lots of colour. Visually, it's one of the best arcade shooters around. However, what makes it a 4 rather than a 5 at least for me is the game play lets it down a little - the game play is good, but there are certain annoyances, such as situations where you don't seem to be able to avoid losing a life (there's a rocket launcher on one level, and if it starts firing, you're done for). The game play also seems slightly slow for the genre. However, none of these things are fatal to the game - it's still a very good game.